Sahaja Yoga Meditation

    This is a blog about Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

23 February 2015

When you attend a Sahaja Yoga Meditation class, you'll learn that there is a great complexity and history to the meditation. Its essence, always, is the direct experience of yourself, without judgements or opinions. If you aren't aware of your own goodness, you'll be able to perceive the size of your heart, your humor, your intelligence. And, if you are aware of your good qualities, you'll see them strengthened and expressed with more love, patience and compassion.


29 December 2014

What happens if we meditate regularly? When we are aware of our true selves, even in the face of adversity or when we are challenged, we remain patient, calm and quiet.


24 December 2014

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all, prepackaged, predigested new age fad. This is you encountering reality head on. This is you facing the challenge and unpredictability of life and being a person who is more confident, honest, loving and forgiving than you ever thought possible.


10 December 2014

When you practice Sahaja Meditation, it feels so good, it’s hard to describe it in words. Imagine the absolute greatest, most profound, most enjoyable peak experience you ever had. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is better.


29 November 2014

Walter Kirn writes in the New York Times Magazine, April 4, 2010:

"They certainly weren’t born of thought, my son and daughter. Nor do they live by thought, when I come to think of it. So this Easter I’m vowing not to think at all."

Kirn has noticed, since his childhood, how problematical adult, rational thinking can be, and how it seems to defy observable reality. "Rational thinking" in fact seems to often be "irrational thinking."

He's on to something important. If he is able to watch and delight in his children, without any thoughts in his head, he is indeed enjoying what "truth" is, and it's not contained in any concept.